Made-to-Order Chain & Conveyors

While many companies are relying increasingly on outsourcing for production needs, Webster Industries is a fully integrated manufacturing facility. Our manufacturing operation consists of a fully functioning foundry as well as departments including sheet metal fabrication, machining, punching and stamping, heat treatment, welding and chain assembly.

custom industrial chain
320mm Reclaimer chain with a left hand A2 attachment welded on the cotter side and a wear pad on the pin head side every 2nd pitch. Additionally, this SBR chain was manufactured with induction hardened pins with a ring type locking mechanism for the pins.

With that being said, we have control over the entire process from start to finish which allows us to meet the industrial chain demands of the customer, have consistent product quality and the best delivery time in the industry. This gives us the ability to have a strategic advantage over our competitors.

Webster also possesses the ability to offer superior drop-in replacement chains that will provide longer chain life in the application. Another key advantage of Webster’s vertically integrated manufacturing facility is the ability to create made-to-order chain and conveyors to meet the needs of our customer’s application.

No application is ever the same, so why should the chains or conveyors be? Webster’s experienced engineers will create viable solutions, no matter the application. Webster’s chain selection procedure allows our engineers to assess the application and choose what chain and features would fit the customer’s needs.

For more information or for help creating your customized, made-to-order solution, contact Inside Sales at (800) 243-9327.